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On this page, you’ll find applications for our immersive leadership development programs. If you don’t see the application for a specific program, it means that we are not currently accepting applications for that program.

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About the NYU Leadership Initiative

For too long, we’ve imagined leadership as belonging to a select few.  In every sector, we’ve focused our support and attention on individual leaders, and yet, the rapid transformation of our workplaces and communities requires a new and more expansive approach.  Whether it’s addressing issues like climate change and income inequality or generating breakthrough innovations in science and technology, tackling today’s challenges requires capable and responsive leaders, as well as broadly distributed leadership that is ethical, inclusive and collaborative.
Founded in November 2013, the NYU Leadership Initiative is galvanizing a network of young leaders who reflect the diversity of our global society and are prepared to work together to address complex challenges. Through our various offerings, students develop the self-awareness and skills they need to create shared vision and take action with others to achieve meaningful results.
As we pursue this mission, we are defining new ways for higher education to prepare people –at all ages and stages – to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace; step up to critical challenges facing communities around the globe; and lead meaningful, productive lives with impact.
Learn more at and join the conversation @nyuleads.